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When was the last time YOUR unshaven armpits got YOU into trouble?! In Jude's case it's when... well, let's just say she's unable to respond in the affirmative to the challenge: "... hands up if you lurve Jeeeeeee-sus... come on... let's see those arms raised high!..."

Jude Singleton, the patron saint of single Christian lasses, is desperate for two things, namely a bloke... and the truth.
The truth? Yeah, you know - God, Christianity, Church, dodgy guitar chords... the whole package. She meets with opposing forces - about ten thousand of them (give or take the odd few who dropped out in the first semester).

Days after starting at Bymouth University, a 'freaky' dream knocks her off her cosy Christian perch... she lands in reality city with more of a bump than might be imagined, or desired. Doubt sets in, big-time. Fear pays a visit, and Confusion has a field-day.

Join her as she struggles to find the perfect bloke, learn to drive, learn to 'club', resist the temptation that is Pringles, fake her faith at the Christian Union... and suss out exactly what it is she believes in...


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Your Comments

"Read your book yesterday... I thought it was brilliant - a classic of its time. I'm sure God will use it to reach many for Him.
... you had such an accurate picture of Uni life.
Is the next book a sequel to her story? Can there be anything left that can happen to her?! I look forward to reading it!"

"Just to say that it's a great read - good for ministers, vicars, pastors etc, and great for boy/girl teens in our churches.
The web site is an absolutely great idea - more, more, more of this kind of stuff, it's reality!"

"I loved this book I keep quoting it and telling my friends bits about it.One of them now also wants to read it for her self and she is very Libs.I havn't put it down since i started except to eat and sleep. i am christian and I think I really loved this book becasue I saw so much of Judes probs in me. Thankyou Annie, write more!"

"This book is fantastic. I can really connect to the character and it's helped me look forward to uni even more. As young people we don't really get much teaching on leaving home and so it's a little bit daunting in a way. The book also raised issues I can never talk about with youth leaders (sex, parties, etc) and I found it really funny. Only read the first two chapters of this book but I'm hooked and I think it's great! Thank you, Annie Porthouse!"

"I'm only 16, but I totally relate to Jude. Tis is a really good book, it really helped me.

"Hi, just finished reading your book - found it v funny and have even started to type like Jude (v ?!).
I loved it and thought it was hilarious and addictive (in a good, non-hash cake way). It was surprising to find a cn book that was modern and up-to-date, as in not written in the 80s, and talks about new TV shows etc.
Just so you know, am 18, have just (finally) left sch. and will be taking a-levels (Eng. Lit., French, History) in couple of weeks (!). Am having gap year and then to Uni. to study Theology! Book was a worth-while distraction from (non-existent) revision, so thank you."

"Well, what did I think? I thought it was absolutely fantastic! There were so many good bits, I don't know where to start! I loved the way in which you showed God working in Jude's life, although she wasn't aware at the time. I love the way the characters interact with each other - they're all so real! I found the book very hard to put down, because I really felt that I got to know the characters personally, and wanted to know what happened next.
You're clearly very good at describing realistic characters. In fact, all of the characters are so similar to people I was at university with whilst doing
my degree, it's unreal!
God is clearly using your talents as a writer. The main reason I loved the book so much was precisely down to this. God spoke to me personally through the book; he has shown me some aspects of my character which are not as they should be, and is going to help me to remedy this.
The overwhelming message that comes from reading the book is one of God's amazing love for each and every one of us. I know I want to be much more proactive in sharing this love with the people around me as a result of reading the book.
I can't wait to read the next one. Thanks once again."

"hey there, just read 'dear bob'... well to be honest, tho whole house has read it! I am 23 years old and live in a house of four female youth workers. I was laughing and laughing that loads of the book was a complete reflection of my experience @ university! Really very cool! In fact, i still used tweenified language now, and i graduated two years ago."

"WOW! When i read the book i thought it was amazing i just couldn't put it down.It seemed to really hit home.It has really helped me .Thanks Annie When is the next one coming out? Hurry. Thanks because you have inspired my to write ,well sort of, i am writing my diary in the form that Jude wrote to 'Bob' and i am finding that it really helps me.Thanks again cant wait till next year to get the next one .

"hi, ive just finished reading the book 'dear bob' and i would just like 2 say that i rly, rly njoyed it!! It has 2 b my fave book eva!! i was amazed @ how much it aplyed 2 modern day life and how some of the dielemas that jude faced were so appealing to a normal teenage girl of 2day!! I also thought it was gr8 how it was all my sence of humour!! sumtimes i would read out the funny bits 2 my younger brother n sister n i wud die with laughter as i was reading it, while they would stare at me blankly!! I wud just like 2 thank u for writing such a fab book and i hope that u will continue to write many more!!!"

"I could completely identify with Jude with everything that she was talking about, even down to which 'Friends' male has the cutest bum! (I am a HUGE Friends fan!) 'Dear Bob' is an excellant book, which I am reccommending to friends, and I look forward to the sequel! Thanks!"

"hi, i bought Dear Bob 2 days ago + couldnt put it down needless to say i finished it + iam eagerly awaiting the sequel. i thought the book was fantastic + dealt with all subjects very well. i'm 17 and was considering why jude was such a muppet but having just realised how my doubts and loosing faith wud hav looked just as daft to the outsider now understand her muppetry. (yes i no its not a real word). thank you for making me feel less daft for writing down all the silly little details wich become important only upon looking back on them. God bless."

"I heard you read a bit of 'Dear Bob' at Greenbelt. I felt I had to find the whole first chapter. I may be a bloke, but some of the trials and temptations of Uni are similar whichever gender you are. I'm so glad that my university has a chaplaincy, a CU and is right next to a church which is fairly lively."

"Bought your book this morning and have just finished it, I couldn't put it
down... I don't have any immediate ideas about the sequel, but I felt I had to say how much I enjoyed it."

"i fink da book 'dear bob' is really good.
im 12 and iv bin goin 2 church since i was 2, bcoz iv neva realy had a choice of wetha 2 go 2 church or not iv neva nown wat itz like 2 decide it 4 myself.
a few weeks ago i went 2 a christian camp 4 teenagers and the ppl there were so nice and loving, they all were there 4 me. bcoz @ camp there were so little non-christians when i got bak home i found it hard 2 cope.i ddnt want 2 b a christian ne more i wanted 2 b 'normal'
i ddnt want 2 b around my m8z (all non-christians) an found it hard @ skool.
when i read 'dear bob' i realised it ddnt matta wat my frenz fort an i jus got on wit my life. iv found sum really good christian frenz an iv finally got my faith bak.
heres a good poem i 1ce red
wat will pl fink wen they hear dat im a jesus freak?what will ppl do wen they find out its tru?
i dnt really care if they label me a jesus freak cos there aint no disguisin da truth wat will ppl fink? wat will ppl do? i dnt really care, wat else ca i say?
there aint no disguisin da truth- keep da faith"

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